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User privacy is the main concern of and it’s a commitment that any of User’s information whether Email address or phone number will not be shared with any other party except our sponsors or the websites that serve ads on our site. Even our business partners cannot use your information without prior consent of the user.

Our partners can only use your information (if you allow) for helping you to search or to provide you the ads of your interest. Our member web sites get your browsing data by the cookie saved in your browser’s temp folder. Cookie is like a script that has your browsing history that is saved in your browsers. Different web sites use this information to facilitate the user to give ads or links of his/her interest. Google use different cookies to serve the user like DART cookie, which is used to give ads according to your visits of sites. If you don’t want your browser to save your cookies / don’t want to be tracked then you can deactivate this behavioral advertisement by following the below given URL.

The links of the websites that are serving ads on our site / business partners are following. Our web site gets the information like of IP address, visit time, operating system etc. We don’t have any concern with your personal data. If in any case you personal information i.e. name & phone number is required then we will definitely keep that information confidential.

The website is based on wordpress and this system also saves a cookie in your browser’s cache for the purpose of getting some information about the user behavior. User information is only used to improve customer service and to know the customer priorities. We have strong security policy to ensure that your personal information is not transferred or sold to any other web site. We reserve the right to change this privacy policy without giving any prior notice to any user.
If you have any question or concern about our website than you can email us on following email address,

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